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About the project

Pladias (Plant Diversity Analysis and Synthesis Centre) was a project funded by the Czech Science Foundation in 2014–2018. It integrated research capacities dealing with the diversity of temperate flora and vegetation from Masaryk University (Brno), Institute of Botany of The Czech Academy of Sciences and the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, in cooperation with many external specialists. An extensive database of critically revised data on Czech flora and vegetation, available at this web portal, was created as an infrastructure to support research within this project. It is continuously updated also after the end of the Pladias project.

The database focuses on native and naturalized flora occurring in the Czech Republic. Cultivated plants are not within the scope of the database, although the most commonly cultivated crops and woody plants are included.

Taxon concepts and nomenclature largely follow the second edition of the Key to the Flora of the Czech Republic (Kaplan et al. 2019). The names of newly recorded and some other taxa follow original papers or current taxonomical revisions.

When using data from the web portal Pladias.cz, the source has to be referred to as “Pladias Database of the Czech Flora and Vegetation, www.pladias.cz” with reference to the article Chytrý et al. (2019). When using species distribution data, also the article Wild et al. (2019) is cited. For details, please see Rules. When using specific plant trait data, the original sources referred to in the Pladias Database are cited. When using texts or images that the Pladias Database has taken from published sources, only the published sources are cited. When using images of plants or vegetation types from the Pladias website, the author of the image and the source “www.pladias.cz” are quoted.


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